The Profit Canvas - Success Story

Kelli Folsom

How A Struggling Oil Painter Built A 6-Figure Art Business Within 9 Months 


Kelli built a career selling and teaching art. But sales were steadily declining, so her income was starting to vanish.

Using The Profit Canvas

She discovered how to find her ideal customers, and present her art in a way that made buying it a no-brainer.


Kelli doubled her monthly revenue within 60-days. Then more than quadrupled it, earning $17,075 in a single month. She now has a steady, predictable income. And makes a greater impact through her work.

“How do I sell my paintings?”

Kelli Folsom graduated art school in 2012. Since then, she’s earned her living by selling and teaching art.  

But in 2016, her income started to disappear.  

The galleries that held her paintings began to close. So her art sales took a nosedive. As she says:  

“The galleries weren’t selling, and there was nothing I could do. Every month I would sit around and hope for a check to come in. I felt completely out of control.”  

At the same time, Kelli was moving from Oklahoma to Denver. So the money she made through teaching was about to vanish as well.  

She had to start making sales fast.  

Kelli shares the struggle she faced selling her art

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“This was everything I had been looking for”

The gallery idea wasn’t working. And she wasn’t thrilled with the thought of teaching. So Kelli began to look for other ways to make steady income through her art.  

She tore through every book and podcast she could find on how to sell her work herself.  

Unfortunately, none of it helped.  

“I had no plan or strategy to sell my paintings and bring in revenue.”  

The problem was, business and marketing didn’t come naturally to her. And all the tips she found didn’t apply to her situation.  

For example, she found all kinds of information on licensing. But that doesn’t work with the type of oil paintings she does.  

One of Kelli’s paintings. Visit her site here.

Then one day, Kelli came across a webinar.  

In it, Alexis Fedor did a presentation on how to build your art business -- no matter what kind of art you do. It spoke to Kelli immediately.  

“I felt this was everything I had been looking for. I had been getting bits and pieces, but this was all in one place. And Alexis has a background in art, so she knows how we think.”  

A few days later, Kelli had the chance to join Alexis’ course, The Profit Canvas.  

She wasn’t sure if she could afford it. But Kelli realized she had already spent over $100,000 on art school. And it had not taught her how to make good money as an artist.  

If she was willing to invest that much to learn theory and technique, why not spend a fraction of it to learn how to finally get paid what she deserves?

Then, she wouldn’t have to worry about money. And she could throw herself into her work even more.  

Realizing this, Kelli decided to commit to taking control of her income.  

She believed The Profit Canvas would give her the guidance she needed.  

“When you first become an artist you think ‘If I make good art it will sell.’ That’s a happy dream, but not how it works. The reality is you’re running a business.”  

So I resolved to spend one-year learning how to make sales on my own.”  

Kelli explains why she joined The Profit Canvas

“I hit my revenue goal the first month”

One of the most helpful lessons for Kelli came early on.  

She discovered how to find collectors who love her work, buy regularly, and don’t ask for discounts.  


By using the “Ideal Client Creator” inside The Profit Canvas course.  

These are a specific set of questions she asked her existing customers. She used them to discover the commonalities they had, what made them unique, and why they bought from her.  

It gave her a chance to understand her customers better. So she knew how to find them, what they wanted, and how to sell to them.  

“As artists, we think ‘I’m doing all this great work, why aren’t you buying?’  

But you need to think about the other person. What are they looking for? What do they need?”  

For example, Kelli discovered many people weren’t buying her art because it was “too expensive.”  

In the past, Kelli would have lowered her rates to get more sales.  

But after talking with Alexis and other members of The Profit Canvas community, she found a better way.  

She realized she could solve this by offering payment plans. So people could pay $200/month over five months instead of $1,000 at once.  

This, plus the other insights she gathered about her “ideal client” led to an immediate surge in revenue.  

Here’s how:  

One month after joining The Profit Canvas, Kelli used the insights about her ideal clients to write an email series to her list. (By the way, if you don’t have a list, the course shows you how to build one. It also shows you ways to sell art that don’t require a list.)  

She didn’t write these emails from scratch. But instead, used the “Instant Sale” email templates provided inside The Profit Canvas course.  

All Kelli had to do was tweak what was already written and make them her own.  

In these emails, she addressed the core desires and concerns of her audience.  

And sales went through the roof.  

“The first email series was the moment I could see all this working. I hit my income goal of $7,000. It was double what I was making before.”  

Kelli shares what it was like to get her first sales online

“I was afraid it would all come crashing down”

Kelli continued to implement what she learned in The Profit Canvas course. And she hit or exceed her income goals three months in a row.  

She was now earning double what she used to. But she was afraid her newfound success was about to unravel.  

See, January and February had been notoriously bad months for her. People rarely buy her paintings that time of year.

So she decided to branch out from selling art.  

She followed the lessons inside The Profit Canvas course on how to set up an online membership program. This would allow her to get predictable income each month.  

Again, she used a set of questions inside The Profit Canvas program to find out exactly what her audience wanted from this program.  

Some of the insights surprised her. For example, she realized nobody wanted long 2-hour art lessons. They wanted short, 30-minute ones.  

She knew she couldn’t make great art in 30-minutes. But that wasn’t the point. This was about giving people what they wanted. And creating a valuable experience for them.  

Kelli built her program following the “Membership Blueprint” taught inside The Profit Canvas course. And she opened it up in January.  

She offered to send people a 30-minute lesson each week if they paid $20/month for the membership.  

Within a week, one hundred people joined.  

She now had an extra $2,000 in recurring revenue each month.  

Six months later, even after raising the membership price, she was up to 190 members.  

So she now had over $3,800 coming in each month like clockwork.  

As exciting as that predictable revenue is, what gets Kelli’s blood pumping is the impact she’s making.  

“The membership group is my #1 favorite thing I got from working with Alexis. The people are amazing, and I feel like I’m impacting people’s lives. So it serves a huge need for me.  

I’m making money, and it’s guaranteed income each month. But it’s so much more than that.”  


Kelli shares how her membership course changed her life

Having this low-cost membership means it’s easier for people to get into Kelli’s world and see the value of her work.  

Many people who join the program end up buying art from her.  

So over the past few months, her income has exploded.  

By May of 2018, eight months after joining The Profit Canvas, she had her best month ever. She earned $17,075. 

Kelli earned $17,075 in May of 2018

She’s earned over $66,000 in the first half of 2018 alone. That’s nearly double what she used to make in a year. And she’s on her way to a 6-figure business.

“I’m excited to see how to grow further...”

Kelli’s next goal is to use the lessons inside The Profit Canvas to grow her list. So she can get more members and sell more art online.  

She’s also creating low-cost downloadable products. Once people buy and enjoy those, they’ll be more likely to buy her higher-priced paintings.  

She’s so thrilled with her results that she signed up for Alexis’ VIP coaching program.  

“I’ve been able to use what I learned from Alexis to keep bringing in consistent income after the course was over. This is huge compared to other programs I’ve done.  

I’m signed up to continue working with her again. I’m excited to see how to grow further.”  

All her extra income gave Kelli the chance to buy a new studio in Denver.  

She plans to use it to network and connect with the local community. And sell art to collectors in-person as well as online.  

“I just opened a studio in Denver. I wouldn’t have been able to do without Alexis."  

Kelli’s new studio

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Before, Kelli would sit around and hope for checks to come in.  

Now, she’s able to make sales almost anytime she wants.  

In nine months, she’s gone from “starving artist” to having a 6-figure business.  

On top of all that, she has a membership program that brings in predictable income. And it’s re-ignited her passion for art.  

Want to get results like that?  

Now, you can.  

Because The Profit Canvas course is now open.  

You can join dozens of other artists from all over the globe. And go from “struggling” to 6-figures while making a bigger impact with your art.  

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