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The Profit Canvas Free Training Series, with Alexis Fedor!

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Alexis Fedor has just opened her group for the Profit Canvas Free Training series and I wanted to share it with you!  

The incredibly powerful free business training series for creators of all disciplines on how to create a dynamic business plan that aligns with your Vision as a creator! 

 Learn ways to help build a business with your art your way!

April 15th, 2019

Private Facebook Group

Join a like-minded community of artists -- Other artists who are in the same boat, working toward same goals - it’s been proven when you’re in a community you excel more - you become more inspired, and gain more ideas.

Core Value Exercises 

These are a series of exercises and strategies to prove to yourself that you CAN create a profitable business from your art.

3 Part Video Training Series

A series of 3 training videos to help you build a sustainable art business. It will help you start to hone in on what really matters when it comes to creating a business that works for your creative genius, not against it!

Ready to Gain Access!

Discover your true ideal clients and experience inevitable profit growth, regardless of your current financial circumstances!  

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"This is hands-down one of the best trainings I've ever taken- nothing else like this exists."  

- Marigny Goodyear, Fine Artist

"Before I would go online and there would be all these other people that have their programs on how to do this stuff and want you to watch their free webinar. I have watched enough webinars to pull my hair out. And they all do something similar but Alexis is the only person who has a price point and a Continuity Program that is achievable for people who are working paycheck to paycheck."  

- Brystal Cauthen, Illustrator/Animator

“You always hear about the starving artist- I put art on the backburner for myself because I thought I needed to get a “real profession”. I knew I wanted to change lives in some way and I didn’t see how my art could really do that. After working with Alexis, WOW- I see how it’s ALL possible. I see how my art is valuable, so completely in alignment with my mission, and now I have the financial piece to that to make that a reality. And that is like a dream come true for me.”  

–Mia Davis, Fine Artist

"My perspective has changed in the sense that I am a lot more specific about factors that will actually help me be more productive. I feel like there really is a possibility, not just to have my art/business sustain my basic needs, but for it to even grow beyond that. I am actually excited to relate to it because a clear path has been laid out."  

- Sophia Remolde, Author/Choreographer/Healer/Multi-Media Performer