How To Sell Art Online, Even Without Any Existing Online Selling Experience! 

Exclusive Training with Alexis Fedor:

  • How to bypass a lack of online selling experience by cutting right to the heart of what you’re selling and who to sell it to! 
  • How to identify your true ideal clients online immediately, and sell them your art, which is exactly what they are in the market for! 
  • How to implement the ONLY three basic tech tools you need to sell online (especially perfect if you are NOT tech savvy!!)!

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In this training, Alexis highlights the three biggest mistakes artists make when trying to sell their art online that ultimately lead to failed sales- and shows you how to reverse them so you can begin selling your art- even if you don’t have any clients, followers or a list! She shares three case studies of artists she has worked with to help reverse-engineer these three mistakes, which led to their making over $1000 in sales within two months- two of which had zero clients to begin with! Ready to build a profitable art business that actually helps people? Register now to discover how to make your first $1000+ even if you don’t have any existing online selling experience!  

Sophia Remolde

"My perspective has changed in the sense that I am a lot more specific about factors that will actually help me be more productive. I feel like there really is a possibility, not just to have my art/business sustain my basic needs, but for it to even grow beyond that. I am actually excited to relate to it because a clear path has been laid out."  

Marigny Goodyear

"I feel like I was given a huge opportunity...I learned how to change my mindset from 'I am a artist to I am a small business owner.' I am so thankful because this year I have a full marketing plan and a full revenue plan in place for the entire year. These were just doors that opened up and opportunities given."

Holly Dean

"The coaching Alexis's has given me is wonderful. It's life changing. It really does change how you see your business and realize how you can go into different directions to make more money so that you can live from it full time."

Click on the button now to register for the workshop on Tuesday, March 26th at 4pm EST!

100% No Cost- Seating limited to 100 attendees!

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