Enroll in The Creative Visionary Program and get The Profit Canvas Course as your bonus!

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside the Profit Canvas:  

  • How simple it can be to create a business plan with the tools you need to manage your money, time, and focus. 
  • Proven strategies for marketing, telling your unique story, and navigating as much (or as little) technology as you need to be successful in today’s marketplace. 
  • What makes online marketing (including social media) so uniquely full of potential for creating results that work over and over again. 

Put all of these tools to use in your own business in a safe, supportive, and most importantly, FUN, environment.  

Make no mistake… 

This course is designed for artists who are serious about using proven business techniques… Serious about building a 12-month business plan completely tailored to your unique vision for a business, all built around your art… And serious about all the benefits of learning from a personal coach. 

However, let me quickly add that, while this IS business… I always strive to keep it fun!! (What good is making your dreams come true if you’re not having a blast doing it?) 

So if you’re with me on everything so far, its time to take a closer look at exactly what’s inside the Profit Canvas Course. 

The Profit Canvas is divided into a Course Prep Series plus Three Modules:

Art Biz Jumpstart Guide: Special 12-Part Video Series

12 Videos that teach you how to shift your mindset from employee to business owner through 12 practical set-up steps that focus on Mindset, Productivity, Financial, Execution- all to take before beginning Module 1. 

Module 1: Purpose  

Focus on the ONE offer in your business that becomes your benchmark for reaching your revenue goal inevitably, called your Single Most Important Offer, and build an entire map around that one offer based on your core values and vision for your art. 

Module 2: Plan  

In this module we look at how to establish the ultimate best revenue plan for your business by identifying your personal “Pillar Of Strength” and then allowing your circumstances to reveal the exact amount you need to make for your business to grow. 

Module 3: Playbook  

In this module, we not only discover who your True Ideal Client is, but we create a marketing plan that speaks directly to that person using the same foundational principles the top marketers use in their marketing plans. The plan you create here is one you can’t go wrong with because it works hand in hand with your personal goals combined with what your true ideal clients both need and want. 

Plus these Bonuses, valued at over $8,000!!

Zone Of Genius Group Assignments- $1200 Value 

Work hand-in-hand with artists your zone of genius best matches with!

Take the Wealth Dynamics Test to learn what you Zone Of Genius is as a business owner and how to work within that to achieve maximum results while eliminating overwhelm.  

Get placed into a core group within the Profit Canvas course with other artists who both compliment your zone of genius and challenge you to move forward in the right ways. 

Art Biz Jumpstart Guide- $1000 Value 

12 Mindset prep videos to help you: 

Maximize your time 

Streamline your work 

Get more done in less time 

The Artist’s Ultimate Sales Training- $1000 Value 

How to sell without selling 

Learn how to sell without selling by understanding what people need vs. what they want, the psychology of selling and setting up your marketing so your offers sell themselves! 

 The Artist’s Tech Vault- $700 Value 

Your tech resource guide to sell online  

The top 5 tech tools you need to run a thriving business online (if you have these, you won’t need anything else!) plus the Artist’s Tech Vocabulary Reference Sheet. 

From PR To Profits - $1000 Value 

Featuring PR Expert Yuri Cataldo 

The ultimate guide to creating your own artistic PR campaign and leveraging it to grow your profits!  

Expand Your List Without Spending Any Money! - $1000 Value 

Featuring Michael Roderick, CEO of Small Pond Enterprises 

The simple, effective way to expand your list to include only your true ideal clients and build a quality relationship with your tribe without spending any money on advertising. 

How To Sell Online- $1500 Value 

Featuring Laura Phillips, CEO of Profit From Products 

The three most essentials funnels you need for your business (and how to set them up!) to see profits before spending any money on advertising. 

CLICK 3-Months Free Membership To The Artists In Business Insider Group! - $600 Value 

An Innovative Approach To Private Monthly Group Coaching 

A community designed to help you grow your business with like-minded artists. Bi-monthly live support coaching calls with me to ensure you are on the right track with your new business plan you’ve designed in the Profit Canvas.  

 The Profit Canvas FAQ!  

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about The Profit Canvas: 

What if I don’t have a business yet, just an idea? Will this course benefit me?  

The Profit Canvas Course is set up to give you ALL the foundational tools you need. And for this reason, it can help you take any product or service you plan to sell and create a business plan designed to bring in revenue. In other words, the Profit Canvas will help you take that idea from something in your head to something that brings in reliable and consistent revenue.  

Will this course help me learn to market my art?  

The marketing plan you design in this course is based on the framework professionals use to design marketing plans for their top clients… There are four major components that make a marketing plan predictable: 1. Identifying your financial goal for your marketing plan 2. Defining your marketing objective, or “big idea” 3. Clarifying your unique proposition 4. Addressing your audience’s needs with your offer The course covers each of these in great detail. Then you can effectively plan for your current offer and repeat it for every offer moving forward… Once you learn this framework, you can apply it to any kind of advertising you engage in. And then… You’ll be able to back this framework up with a financial goal (or revenue goal). And that step will enable you to reach the income level you need. 

Do I have to have a product to sell - like paintings or photography - or can this course work for services or freelance work?  

The framework you create in this course works for ANY offer, regardless of whether it’s service, your time, or a physical product. I have had healers, painters, photographers, dancers, choreographers, writers, actors and composers use the Profit Canvas to build their businesses to equal levels of success using these strategies.  

Does it matter what level of business I am in? Will I be wasting my time if I am just a beginner? Will I be beyond this if I am a seasoned business owner?  

The Profit Canvas is designed for every business owner regardless of your level of business because it focuses on two areas of business growth: 1. Financial Growth The Course helps you create a strong financial plan with a focus of helping you streamline goals for your offer, all designed to bring inevitable, profitable results. 2. Business Performance The course is designed to improve your performance as a business owner overall. The focus is streamlining your energy and saving time for reaching your financial goal and creating your art.  

Will I have access to the whole course at one time?  

After you go through the 12 videos in the ‘Art Business Jumpstart Guide’ Bonus (delivered immediately), there are 3 modules in the course. These are delivered over 12 weeks. You’ll work through one module over 3 weeks with 1 week for implementation of what you’ve learned in between. I believe in going through the material one time in its entirety- after you do that, you will have access to the entire course for anytime you want to go back for review. 

What kind of support do I get while I take the course?  

With the private coaching package level, you’ll receive 3 private coaching calls with me to help you every step of the way with the course. This will be in addition to having your questions answered daily by me and anyone else in the group, by posting in the private Facebook group. If you sign up for just the course, you have daily support for your questions answered by me and anyone else in the group by posting in the private Facebook group.  

What if I realize mid-way through the course that I have to take care of some other issues that came up during the course that could set me back a bit from implementing my plan right away? What do I do then?  

You have lifetime access to the course in this version, so you can repeat it, come back to it and revisit any part of it at any given time during the life of your business. This course is designed to help you grow your business for the long haul, so the more you use it, the more you and your business will benefit.  

What if I take the course and am just not satisfied, or feel it is not the right fit for my business?  

You receive a 30-day money back guarantee when you invest in the course, so if you completed the exercises and still feel it has not served your business, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked. You’ll simply be asked to send in your replies to the exercises for each day so we can see you did, in fact, complete the course material.  

Do you ever update the course? If so, will I have access to those updates?  

I update the course consistently … I like to make sure the ongoing feedback I receive from the artists is addressed and the course is revised or added where it will benefit everyone in the course. Rest assured that anytime I update it, you’ll be notified and receive full access.

How working with Alexis has changed artistic businesses  

Mia Davis was facing financial problems when we met for the first time. 

She knew this work was for her, but was hesitant to invest in it because she didn’t want to risk what little she had to spare. 

I wrote her a letter to tell her I felt this would be a positive move for her, and she made the leap.

I’m No Longer Feeling Like a Starving Artist 

"“You always hear about the starving artist - I put art on the back burner for myself because I thought I needed to get a “real profession.” I knew I wanted to change lives in some way and I didn’t see how my art could really do that. After working with Alexis, WOW- I see how it’s ALL possible. I see how my art is valuable, so completely in alignment with my mission, and now I have the financial piece to that to make that a reality. And that is like a dream come true for me.”  

Kim is a multi-passionate fine artist and intuitive healer who was dealing with a problem with disability insurance, as well as health issues that were holding her back from pursuing the growth of the business she wanted to build.  

So we worked out a financial goal that allowed her to work within the parameters of her disability guidelines and then worked on streamlining her systems around her offer to keep her grounded in growing her client base while serving them on the highest level. 

She literally doubled her income within 6 months as a result.  

"Wow! I never knew how much my past was impacting my bottom line! "Just finished the first part of Session 1 in the Profit Canvas and can I just say WOW! To be honest with you I have looked at all of this before and thought I had come to grips with it, so I wasn’t really expecting to find anything new here. Well color me red, for it is the color of my face right now, as I process the numerous emotions that have been dredged up with just 12 little questions!"  

After working with Carolyn, a dancer with a multi-passionate vision for her work as an artist, she was able to conceptualize and put into practice a business plan that encompasses all of her interests into one offer. 

It was amazing to be able to help her play into her strengths and not feel constricted, but instead be expansive in her vision and revenue plan.  

I Have A Strong Foundation For My Business  

“I learned that creating a business plan for my multifaceted business, which consisted of health coaching, artistic expressions and spiritual healing, didn't have to be as complex as I thought. Alexis made it so easy by providing simple formulas to help paint a clear picture of what I needed to do financially not just to survive but to THRIVE as an artist. Through her program I was also able to fine tune my understanding of my target market, determine my best sources of revenue, and price my offerings in a way that made sense. I am so thankful for her guidance, because now I have peace of mind in knowing I created a strong foundation for my business and a center-point that I can always return to for focus and clarity.”